10 best players from state of New Jersey of last decade


Karl-Anthony Towns Kentucky Wildcats NCAA Basketball (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

When the calendar strikes March, NCAA basketball begins its rule over the sporting world. Even to people who aren’t basketball fans, it’s hard not to fall in love with the craziness of March Madness. Even from a young age, people across the country watched the NCAA Tournament and all the madness that ensues. Across the lands, in every state, perhaps in every town and city, someone is watching that Tournament hoping to one day have their own March moment.

Those familiar with this series know that we’ve been watching as some of those dreams have been fulfilled. We’re continuing this series that looks at the best college basketball players of the last decade from each individual state. We’ve progressed alphabetically through the 50 states and are more than halfway through this journey, with today’s focus on the east coast in the Garden State.

It’s certainly one of the country’s smallest states geographically, but New Jersey has no shortage of history or intrigue. One thing that’s for sure is that this state has produced a healthy amount of basketball talent in recent memory, with highly-touted recruits coming out of New Jersey almost regularly. This is another one of those articles where it’s a shame that we’re only focusing on ten players and you better believe these are ten pretty solid and successful ones.

The series focuses on the best players from each state and the way we decide which state a player belongs to is based on their hometown. It doesn’t matter if a player went to high school in New Jersey or even was born there, as long as their hometown is a city in the Garden State. Additionally, this isn’t the best basketball players who went to colleges in New Jersey, though we will see a couple of those featured in the slides to follow. Knowing there are some impressive names ahead, let’s get right into today’s list, looking closely at the players from New Jersey.

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