“Image I’ll Never Forget,” Toddler’s Theme Park Injury Shocks Bystanders


Land of Make Believe

Credit: Land of Make Believe

A terrible accident happened over the weekend resulting in critical injuries to a toddler at a popular theme park.

Theme Parks are places where families go to unwind, experience fun attractions, and escape the stresses of the outside world. There are rides and attractions that are for everyone, whether that be a little toddler, a full-grown adult, or anything in between.

However, a trip to a popular theme park last month turned into a nightmare for a family.

Land of Make Believe
Credit: Land of Make Believe

Inside the Magic recently reported that a two-year-old was struck by a train at the amusement park Land of Make Believe in Hope Township, New Jersey.

Sgt. Phillip Curry of New Jersey state police shared that the toddler was airlifted to a hospital and listed in critical condition. Curry told New Jersey 101.5 at noon Sunday that he had no update on the child’s condition or any new information about the circumstances of the accident, which remains under investigation.

Lilly Decker, a critical care nurse who has been coming to the theme park since she was a kid, shared with News 12 Connecticut that she was traumatized over the incident.

“I woke up this morning crying. It’s just… I don’t want to think about it. It’s an image I’ll never forget,” Decker said.

“Everyone started yelling at him, ‘back the train up,’” she recalled, but she said that the train driver had gone into shock.

Land of Make Believe
Credit: Land of Make Believe

The train was too heavy to lift off the 2-year-old so it had to back up and it could not avoid hitting him again.

“Then the mother came and she just fainted on the ground, and then all the other people came, the lifeguards, and everything,” Decker continued.

Decker said she was able to get a pulse and that the boy still had a pulse.

“I’ve never seen an accident there, even when I was a little kid. I have never seen anything like that happen there,” she said.

At this time, an update on the toddler’s condition has not been shared.

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