The Loop: Buxton crash accused refused bail, Harry Styles on claims he spat on Chris Pine, and the world’s second-tallest rollercoaster retires


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The 18-year-old who was allegedly behind the wheel of a ute which crashed and killed five teenagers in Buxton, south-west of Sydney on Tuesday night has been denied bail after being charged with five counts of dangerous driving occasioning death overnight.

The Picton Local Court heard Tyrell Edwards had only held a provisional licence since 2021 and it has been suspended twice in the past for speeding.

Court documents outlining the alleged police facts also show his mobile phone was seized, which allegedly contained a video taken 67 minutes before the crash.

The documents allege the video “shows the accused holding his mobile phone in his left hand” while driving and two of the victims yelling “we’re going to spin out, cuz”.

Police allege the video was taken while the ute was travelling 90km/h.

Mr Edwards will remain in custody until at least November when he’s next expected to appear in court.

Ellie Mount at site
Locals have been left shocked by the crash.(ABC News: Harriet Tatham)

The four-day manhunt that saw Canadian police searching for two suspects wanted for multiple stabbings in the province of Saskatchewan has ended, with the second suspect dying in police custody after being arrested.

Here’s what we know:

  • Police had been searching for brothers Damien and Myles Sanderson after 10 people were stabbed to death at James Smith Cree Nation reserve and Weldon on Sunday
  • The elder brother Damien was found dead on Monday, not far from where the stabbings took place, with injures that weren’t believed to be self-inflicted
  • Police had suspected Myles was in the Saskatchewan capital of Regina, but found him near Rosthern, around 100 kilometres south-west of the James Smith Cree Nation reserve
  • Myles Sanderson was tracked down by police after they responded to reports of a stolen car being driven by a man armed with a knife
  • After forcing him off the road and into a ditch, police said he went into “medical distress” after being arrested
  • Sanderson was pronounced dead when taken to hospital — the cause of his death will be determined by an autopsy
A large SUV in an embankment next to a road, with its doors open and police cars and police officers nearby.
Police say Myles Sanderson was arrested after officers responded to a report of a stolen car being driven by an armed man.(AP: Kelly Geraldine Malone/The Canadian Press)

News alerts you might have missed

Barack and Michelle Obama stood between paintings of each other.
Large, formal portraits of US presidents and first ladies adorn walls, hallways and rooms throughout the White House.(Reuters: Evelyn Hockstein)
  • Queen Elizabeth II has postponed a Privy Council meeting on the advice of her doctors to rest, after swearing in new British Prime Minister Liz Truss. The 96-year-old monarch has been suffering from what Buckingham Palace has called “episodic mobility problems” since the end of last year
The Queen stands alone in the Drawing Room of Balmoral Castle.
The Queen, seen publicly for the first time since July, waits for Liz Truss to arrive inside the Drawing Room at Balmoral Castle. (Reuters/Pool: Jane Barlow)

What Australia has been searching for online

  • Harry Styles. The singer has used his latest performance at Madison Square Garden to address #spitgate (AKA the rumours that he spat on Chris Pine at the Don’t Worry Darling premiere, which Pine’s reps said there’s no truth to). Styles told the crowd “it’s wonderful to be back in New York, I just popped very quickly to Venice to spit on Chris Pine, but fret not, we’re back”.
  • R U OK Day. The Australian harm prevention charity has asked us to use R U OK Day today to stay connected and have regular, meaningful conversations with the people in our lives to help them feel supported before they’re in a crisis.

One more thing

If you’re afraid of heights, this might be good news for you — the world’s second-tallest rollercoaster is closing for good.

The Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio stands at 128 metres tall, but has been closed to thrillseekers since August 15 last year when a small metal object flew off the top of the ride and struck a woman in the head.

An investigation found there was no evidence to suggest the park had acted illegally or had reason to believe the ride was unsafe.

The park hasn’t said whether the accident was part of their reason to close the ride, which has run for 19 years, and they haven’t disclosed what will happen to the ride now.

A red and yellow rollercoaster with a blue sky in the background.
You guys go ahead without me, I’m good here.(Instagram: Cedar Point)

So what’s the tallest rollercoaster? That title goes to Kingda Ka at Six Flags in New Jersey, which has a 139-metre elevation (no thanks!).

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