New Jersey’s Absolute Best And Most Amazing Steakhouse Has Been A


New Jersey is home to some of the finest restaurants in the entire country, and that includes some really great steakhouses.

Photo by Tim Toomey on Unsplash

Photo by Tim Toomey on Unsplash

The question is, which one of the many great steakhouses we have in the Garden State would be considered the top steakhouse in the entire state?

That is exactly the question that was tackled by some of the great food experts in the nation, and they have come to a conclusion.

Photo by José Ignacio Pompé on Unsplash

Photo by José Ignacio Pompé on Unsplash

It’s a decision that can not be arrived at lightly since we have some really top-of-the-line steakhouses here in the Garden State, but when experts of this caliber share their opinion, we are definitely going to take notice.

The experts we’re talking about here are the fine folks at Food Network, and we all know they don’t mess around when it comes to giving titles to restaurants. It’s a foregone conclusion that if they hand out an honor, it’s a well-deserved one.

Photo by Ashley Byrd on Unsplash

Photo by Ashley Byrd on Unsplash

So, when they set out to find the best steakhouse in each state across our nation, you had the feeling you were really going to hear about some great restaurants, and when it came to the Garden State, they offered a really excellent choice.

Big congratulations are in order for the amazing River Palm Terrace in Edgewater for being named the best steakhouse in all of New Jersey.

This spot is well-known and much loved by many Garden State residents and a slew of A-list celebrities as well.

River Palm Terrace is located at 1416 River Rd., and it is a spot that should not be missed.

This is certainly not the first award for the River Palm Terrace. They have won many, including a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence in 2019.

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