New Jersey’s Best Italian Restaurant One of Best in America


Everyone can agree that one of the most popular foods around the world, around the United States, and around New Jersey is Italian food. Everybody enjoys a good Italian meal and going out for Italian is always a fun and delicious night out. We have fantastic Italian restaurants around the Jersey Shore, but Love Food put together an article recently listing the best Italian restaurants around the Nation, including here in the Garden State.



I recently had a seafood scampi dish that was delicious, served with linguini. Fantastic shrimp, scallops, lobster, mussels, and clams. One of my favorite Italian dishes I have had in a while. The broth on the scampi was really good. The linguini was perfect and it wasn’t a huge portion, just enough. I really enjoyed this meal at the Smithville Inn.






According to Love Food, their pick for the best Italian restaurant in New Jersey is one in Middlesex County. Catherine Lombardi’s in New Brunswick was their choice for the best Italian restaurant in Jersey. According to the article Catherine Lombardi’s “is named after owner Mark Pascal’s grandmother, who came to the US from Naples. The menu is based on her recipes and customer favorites include the garlic bread; spinach and mushroom ravioli, and fried calamari with sweet and spicy marinara.”

This restaurant looks fantastic and maybe if you are making a trip to Rutgers University, you can put dinner at Catherine Lombardi’s on your to-do list.



Unsplash.com Clark Douglas

Unsplash.com Clark Douglas


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