New Jersey’s Most Popular Attraction


We have a ton of great attractions here in New Jersey, but a major publication has named one in particular as the most popular one here in the Garden State.

Brick Beach III

(Jen Ursillo, Townsquare Media NJ)

We just came off an amazing summer, so great Garden State attractions are fresh in our minds. There seems to be one everywhere we turn.

Let’s start by telling you which big attractions weren’t, but could have easily been named the biggest attraction in the state. They are probably the first ones that came to your mind. They were the first that popped into mine, and frankly, I think each would have been a great choice.

Jenkinson’s. Ask anybody who visited Jenk’s in Point Pleasant Beach this summer. They will tell you just how popular this attraction is. With the boardwalk, the beach, the rides, the games, and of course the aquarium, it’s an amazing family place.

Six Flags Great Adventure is one of the first places I thought of because of its national fame and, for some reason, when I hear attraction, I think of an amusement park, and Great Adventure is among the best in the nation.

Seaside Heights. This legendary New Jersey attraction has been making visitors happy for decades, and it’s looking better than ever! There’s nothing better than a summer getaway in Seaside Heights.

It turns out Reader’s Digest chose another amazing, historic destination as New Jersey’s most popular attraction as the Atlantic City Boardwalk, and you’re not going to get an argument from us on that.

There is so much history, fun, and memories surrounding the A.C. Boardwalk that it’s a great choice for this title. Here’s the bottom line. We’re pretty lucky to live in New Jersey. We might be the attraction capital of the world.

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