This New Jersey Grocery Store is One of the Best in the Country


Loyalty runs deep for many.  I’m very brand loyal.

People have their favorite restaurants, people have their favorite bars, and people have their favorite grocery stores.

Nathalia Rosa

Nathalia Rosa

If there is a store that you frequent and have been loyal to for years, then there is a good chance that this will be your store for life.

When the pandemic hit, people really took advantage of ordering ahead and doing curbside.   Is it the most convenient way now?  For many, yes, but I still love going in and walking up and down the aisles.

There’s a level of meal prep that I do as I’m walking up and down the aisle.

One of the country’s best grocery stores is found right here in New Jersey.

Valeria Smirnova, Unsplash

Valeria Smirnova, Unsplash

This store has most of its locations in New York City.  The sister location, in Maywood, New Jersey, rates as one of the best.

The store is called Maywood’s Marketplace in Maywood, NJ.

Just from looking at the location, it does have a very New York vibe.  According to Love Food, a few of the many things that make this location so popular, are “a grocery store and a place to pick up the next best thing to home-cooked meals.”

You can order your groceries online or walk through the store.  They feature all the necessities that you would ever want in a grocery store.  This location also serves up sushi, prepared meals, and a robust international section.

This location is at 78 West Pleasant Ave in Maywood New Jersey.  Now, this marketplace doesn’t share the same name in New York City.  The website labels this as a “sister property.”

Raul Gonzalez, unsplash

Raul Gonzalez, unsplash

The other locations, and if you frequent the city, you may have seen these locations, are called Westside Market.

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