One Exciting City You Must Visit in New Jersey is at the Shore


I think when you ask most people to think of big Northeast cities they will usually mention cities like Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. New Jersey doesn’t really have the big city name recognition. Our state is small (geographically) and our cities are not known as big names in America. This doesn’t take away from our cities and which are the best to visit here in the state.






What’s amazing is that one of the most populous places in New Jersey, not sure we even think of it as a city, is right here in Ocean County. That’s right Lakewood is the 5th largest town in Jersey. Maybe that’s why the traffic is so backed up along Route 9 in Lakewood. Lakewood now has nearly 140,000 people living there. Here are the Top 5 biggest towns/cities in New Jersey. This is according to Demographics by Cubit.

  1. Newark – 307,220
  2. Jersey City – 283,927
  3. Paterson – 157,794
  4. Lakewood – 138,070
  5. Elizabeth – 135,407






According to a recent article by Espresso, the one city you need to visit in the Garden State is Atlantic City. Ironically Atlantic City doesn’t have a huge population, in fact, it’s ranked 61st in the state with 38,466 residents. Lakewood, Toms River, and Brick Township are bigger.




Atlantic City has a big city feel with a beach resort style. It’s a chance to spend the day at the beach and the night in the casino. Atlantic City has seen a lot of change over my lifetime. Atlantic City International Airport is a smaller venue, but I love flying out of AC Int’l and doing so when I can.





According to Espresso, “Living is easy at the beach! And in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the beach is all around. From beautiful sandy shores to an iconic boardwalk, there is a plethora of activities and sights to see in America’s playground. Atlantic City is known for its casinos and resorts and welcomes more than 27 million tourists a year. For family-friendly activities, be sure to visit Steel Pier for a spin on an old-fashioned carousel and plenty of carnival games. And for the adults, try a hand of blackjack at one of the dozen or so casinos, then head out for the night at its many 24-hour bars.”





So do you love a fun trip to AC? Let us know what you love to do in Atlantic City. Concert? Dinner? Beach? Boardwalk? Casinos?




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