Ranking all 29 NBA City Edition jerseys for 2022-23 season


Since 2017, the NBA and Nike have teamed up to release City Edition jerseys for teams across the league. The idea was to celebrate the unique heritage of each city and connect with each fanbase on a more personal level.     

The jerseys have been a hit and have boosted merchandise sales across the league. Now entering its sixth campaign, there has been much anticipation over what the City Edition jerseys will look like for each franchise. Popular designs in the past have included the Los Angeles Lakers paying tribute to Kobe Bryant with a snakeskin pattern and the Miami Heat’s extremely popular Vice series.

On Thursday, all of the City Edition jerseys for the 2022-23 season were released. Some of them were revealed a while ago, such as the Washington Wizards, who this spring released their ode to the area’s cherry blossoms. Others, such as the Los Angeles Clippers and Detroit Pistons, revealed their own tributes to local basketball mainstays. The Utah Jazz are the lone team without a City Edition uniform, but fans have been buzzing about the organization bringing back their purple jerseys.

Here are the 2022-23 City Edition jerseys, ranked from best to worst: 

1. Detroit Pistons

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Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons take the prize for best City Edition jersey because it’s so unexpected yet so homegrown. The green jersey, designed in collaboration with multi-platinum rapper Big Sean, pays tribute to St. Cecilia’s, a local gym where stars like Jalen Rose, Isiah Thomas and others cut their teeth. “The Saint” is a place of refuge for local kids and the uniform embraces the gym’s saying: “Where stars are made, not born.”

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