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[ad_1] is helping preserve living endangered languages with its new translation services for Nahuatl, the language of the former Aztec Empire.

With the addition of Nahuatl to our language offerings, we are honored to contribute to the preservation of this endangered language and support Nahuatl speakers.”

— Luke Palder

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2023 / —, a leading provider of professional language translation services, is excited to announce a significant expansion of its language offerings to include Nahuatl, the largest indigenous language in Mexico. This expansion aims to support the preservation and revitalization of this unique linguistic tradition, helping Nahuatl speakers hold onto their unique linguistic and cultural heritage despite the dominance of Spanish in Mexico.

Nahuatl holds deep historical and cultural significance as one of the largest and most influential indigenous languages in the Americas. Despite boasting more than 1.7 million speakers, Nahuatl is endangered today, and revitalization efforts are necessary to safeguard its vitality. Recognizing the urgent need to protect and promote this language, now offers expert translation and interpretation services in various Nahuatl dialects, serving both academic and community needs.

By incorporating Nahuatl into its language offerings, takes an active role in preserving and celebrating the linguistic and cultural heritage of the Nahua people. This expansion showcases the company’s commitment to the preservation of endangered languages in Mexico and on a global scale.

“With the addition of Nahuatl to our language offerings, we are honored to contribute to the preservation of this endangered language and support Nahuatl speakers as they take their precious language into the future,” said Luke Palder, CEO of “By collaborating closely with Nahuatl-speaking experts and linguists, we aim to bridge linguistic gaps and foster effective communication between Nahuatl speakers and the broader world, ensuring that the Nahuatl language retains its strong footing among the Nahua people.” takes pride in its team of highly skilled translators and interpreters who possess extensive experience and expertise in Nahuatl. These language professionals have undergone rigorous training and have an in-depth understanding of the cultural nuances and linguistic intricacies associated with the complex Mesoamerican language of Nahuatl. Clients seeking Nahuatl translation services can rely on to deliver accurate and culturally sensitive translations for a wide range of purposes, including academic research, historical documentation, cultural preservation projects, and more.

As the global community increasingly recognizes the importance of preserving endangered languages, is dedicated to actively safeguarding linguistic diversity. Through its expanded language offerings, the company aims to contribute to a world where endangered languages like Nahuatl can thrive, providing access to reliable and professional translation services for Nahuatl-speaking communities.

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