Woman Suing Six Flags St. Louis After Being Grabbed By “No…


A woman is suing Six Flags St. Louis after her neck was grabbed by a “vine in the shape of a noose,” resulting in an incredibly serious injury.

Guests riding Fireball at Six Flags St. Louis
Credit: Six Flags

Throughout the United States, Six Flags is recognized as one of the top theme park brands, promising exciting thrill rides, roller coasters, and annual Fright Fest events at every one of its parks. Multiple parks are recognized as the best in the world, including Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, Six Flags Great America in Northern California, Six Flags Magic Mountain in Southern California, and Six Flags Fiesta Texas in, well, Texas.

However, numerous smaller Six Flags parks are also worthy of recognition, including Six Flags St. Louis in Eureka, MO. Unfortunately, it looks like this specific amusement park is currently being recognized for a gnarly accident that occurred on its Log Flume attraction.

Woman’s Necked Grabbed By Vine on Log Flume at Six Flags St. Louis

Guests riding Log Flume after a drop at Six Flags St. Louis
Credit: Six Flags

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Other Six Flags parks may be more well-known, but Six Flags St. Louis remains one of the more underrated amusement parks under the Six Flags banner. The popular Missouri theme park has numerous thrill rides like the Screamin’ Eagle wooden roller coaster, River King Mine Train, the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride in DC Comics Plaza, and the Thunder River raft ride.

However, a different water ride has recently grabbed the attention of local news teams when it allegedly led to numerous injuries for a 53-year-old woman. According to the woman, she was riding the log flume attraction, appropriately named Log Flume, in June 2020 when an overgrown vine “in the shape of a noose” grabbed her “around the neck and by the nose.”

a photo of a Log Flume surrounded by vegetation
Credit: Jeremy Thompson via Wikimedia Commons

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The incident resulted in a “ruptured disc in her spine” as well as injuries to her right arm and shoulder, requiring extensive medical therapy. The lawsuit describes her injuries as “painful, permanent and progressive.”

The woman is suing Six Flags St. Louis for negligence due to the overgrown vegetation around the ride. She is asking for $25,000 to cover her current and future medical bills since more treatment is still required over three years later.

The Log Flume drop, showing multiple plants around the ride
Credit: Six Flags

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According to the woman’s lawyer, Gerard Schneller, the Six Flags park has been less than helpful, “They just ignore you.” Six Flags St. Louis has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

Hopefully, the woman will be able to find some kind of relief for her injuries, especially since the incident seems far too specific for her to have just made up. However, the photos of overgrown vegetation shared by Schneller to the Riverfront Times seem to be of Thunder River instead of Log Flume. However, you can watch a video of the full ride on the official Six Flags website. Time will tell how this turns out for the plaintiff.

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