Andrés Cepeda Tengo Ganas Tour makes its stop at the State Theatre in New Jersey on April 24, 2024, Explore Music in New Jersey!

Get ready, music aficionados, to experience an evening like no other!

After a long wait, the highly-anticipated Tengo Ganas Tour by none other than the sensational Andrés Cepeda is finally making its way to the State Theatre New Jersey. Circle your calendars for April 11, 2024, when you will witness the magic of this immensely talented artist in a venue that is renowned for hosting some of the biggest names in the music industry. Andrés Cepeda’s soulful and rhythmic performances are sure to leave you mesmerized, and with familiar hits from his Latin pop and rock repertoire, you are in for a night of pure entertainment.

This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness Andrés Cepeda’s passion and energy live on stage, in front of an audience that appreciates the magic of his music. From his infectious energy to his heart-touching lyrics, Andrés Cepeda promises to enthral you with an unforgettable performance. Don’t wait any longer, grab your tickets now for an evening filled with soulful music, catchy beats, and an unforgettable experience, that you do not want to miss. So, hurry up and be a part of this exceptional musical extravaganza at the State Theatre New Jersey!

Andrés Cepeda is a highly accomplished producer, singer and songwriter, whose impressive career has led him to travel the world and achieve widespread recognition. He has graced the covers of numerous magazines, newspapers, and playlists on major music platforms, cementing his status as a highly respected and influential musician. As a coach on talent shows, including nine seasons of La Voz aired in his hometown Colombia, he has shared his knowledge and expertise with aspiring artists, helping many to achieve success in their own right. His countless singles have soared to the top of radio charts, impressing audiences with their infectious rhythms and soulful melodies. Furthermore, he has had the honour of performing alongside some of the biggest names in Latin music, such as Juan Luis Guerra, Jessi & Joy, Cali & El Dandee, Morat, Joss Favela, Leo Dan, Fonseca, Ricardo Montaner, and Kany García, among many other talented artists.

Andrés Cepeda is truly an exceptional artist who has achieved remarkable success throughout his career. Not only has he received an incredible 13 nominations, but he has also won three prestigious Latin Grammy® Awards, making him a true force in the music industry. Fans have loved his unique approach to blending different genres, and his personal signature has allowed him to create a style that is truly iconic.

With multiple diamond, platinum, and gold records under his belt, he has proven time and time again that his music truly resonates with people. His live performances are equally impressive and diverse, ranging from full band, Big Band, Symphonic, guitar, and voice. Andrés has shown incredible creativity with his recent show “Cepeda en Tablas,” which combines theater with his own music.

All of these achievements and experiences make Andrés Cepeda an artist who is truly deserving of respect and admiration. His fans have come to love and appreciate his music, which has made him one of the most respected and beloved artists in all of Latin America.

As stated by Cepeda, there is a clear contrast between the La Ruta Púrpura show and the Tengo Ganas Tour. While La Ruta Púrpura was powered by the acoustic sounds of grand piano, double bass, and winds, the Tengo Ganas Tour is a complete transformation of sorts. This new show embraces a completely different sound with a primary focus on Pop and Rock music. The electrifying combination of guitars, synthesizers, and drums creates a perfect immersion for fans looking to experience something different. This change in musical direction marks a significant milestone for Cepeda and highlights his versatility and depth as an artist. Fans of Cepeda can expect to be blown away by the vibrant and infectious energy of the Tengo Ganas Tour.

Andrés Cepeda Tengo Ganas Tour stops at the State Theatre on April 11, 2024.

On Sale Fri, November 3 at 10am

Members at the Benefactor Level ($500) and above can purchase tickets on Thu, November 2 at 10am.  Become a member and help sustain State Theatre’s nonprofit mission to bring vibrant artistic and educational programming to the community.

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