Corner Slice: A Delicious Addition to Maplewood, New Jersey

Corner Slice, a popular New York City pizza restaurant, is expanding to Maplewood, NJ with the help of chef, pizzaiolo, and Jersey native Mike Bergemann. The new location will offer the same signature square pizza that has made Corner Slice a hit with foodies, with additional options such as salads and sandwiches. The Maplewood location will also feature outdoor seating, a beer and wine selection, and an expanded menu. Bergemann, who has worked with acclaimed chefs such as Mario Batali and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, has expressed excitement about bringing his pizza expertise to his home state. The new location is expected to open in the fall and is sure to be a welcome addition to the vibrant Maplewood dining scene.

Maplewood, New Jersey is about to get a whole lot tastier with the arrival of Corner Slice, a renowned pizzeria and restaurant. Led by the talented chef, pizzaiolo, and Jersey native, Mike Bergemann, Corner Slice is set to become a local favorite in no time.

With a passion for pizza that runs deep, Mike Bergemann has spent years perfecting his craft. Born and raised in New Jersey, he has always had a love for the local cuisine. After honing his skills at some of the finest pizzerias in New York City, Mike decided it was time to bring his expertise back to his home state.

Corner Slice is not your average pizzeria. Mike’s commitment to quality and his attention to detail set his pizzas apart from the rest. Using only the freshest ingredients and traditional techniques, he creates pies that are both delicious and authentic.

A Menu That Delights. At Corner Slice, the menu offers much more than just pizza. While their signature pies steal the show, there is a wide variety of other delectable options to choose from. From fresh salads to mouthwatering sandwiches, there is something for everyone.

One standout item on the menu is the Jersey Shore Pizza, a tribute to Mike’s roots. Topped with clams, garlic, parsley, and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes, this pizza is a nod to the flavors of the Jersey Shore. It’s a must-try for any seafood lover or anyone looking to experience a true taste of New Jersey.

For those with a sweet tooth, Corner Slice also offers a selection of delectable desserts. From classic cannoli to indulgent tiramisu, there is no shortage of options to satisfy your cravings.

A Welcoming Atmosphere. Corner Slice not only offers delicious food but also provides a warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant’s cozy interior and friendly staff make it the perfect place to gather with friends and family.

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch, a relaxing dinner, or a place to celebrate a special occasion, Corner Slice has you covered. The attentive staff will ensure that your dining experience is nothing short of exceptional.

As a proud member of the Maplewood community, Corner Slice is committed to giving back. Mike Bergemann and his team actively participate in local events and support various charitable organizations.

Corner Slice also strives to source ingredients locally whenever possible, supporting local farmers and businesses. By doing so, they not only provide their customers with the freshest ingredients but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of the community.

If you’re in the Maplewood area, be sure to stop by Corner Slice and experience the magic for yourself. Whether you’re a pizza aficionado or simply looking for a memorable dining experience, you won’t be disappointed.

With Mike Bergemann’s culinary expertise and a menu that caters to all tastes, Corner Slice is set to become a culinary gem in Maplewood, New Jersey. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in mouthwatering pizzas and other delectable dishes. Visit Corner Slice today and prepare to be delighted.

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