First Israeli-American awarded for “Outstanding Restaurant” by the James Beard Foundation, Michael Solomonov is Opening the First Location of Federal Donuts in the Marlton Square Shopping Center in New Jersey!

Federal Donuts is an iconic chain in Pennsylvania known for serving delicious, freshly baked donuts and fried chicken. It was created by chef and restauranteur, Michael Solomonov, and businessman, Steven Cook. The chain has been thriving since its inception and has become one of Pennsylvania’s crown jewels. Federal Donuts’ popularity can be attributed to its unique and creative donut flavors, which are rotated monthly, as well as their perfectly fried chicken. The chain is committed to using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, making their offerings even more special. Federal Donuts has won numerous awards and accolades for its food, service, and business model. With multiple locations across Pennsylvania, fans of the chain can enjoy their favorite donuts and chicken no matter where they are in the state.

Philly-Famous Federal Donuts and Chicken Coming to Marlton, NJ

It is with great excitement that we announce the upcoming opening of the renowned Federal Donuts in the Marlton Square shopping center. This highly anticipated event is one that has been long-awaited by many, and we are delighted to finally be able to share the good news! As a company known for its delicious and iconic donuts that are unlike any other, Federal Donuts has always been a favorite among food lovers and enthusiasts. With their commitment to quality, innovative flavors, and exceptional customer service, it is little wonder why they have garnered such a loyal following. By bringing their unique brand to the Marlton Square shopping center, we are confident that they will quickly become a beloved fixture in the community and a destination for anyone seeking delicious and decadent donuts that satisfy the senses. So keep an eye out for the opening announcement, and get ready to indulge in a taste experience like no other!

Much like the first time that I had ever heard and seen the concept and Restaurant in Los Angeles called Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, fried chicken and donuts may seem like an unusual combination in today’s culinary world, but this pairing has actually been enjoyed for centuries. However, it wasn’t until Federal Donuts & Chicken opened its doors in 2011 that this classic comfort food duo was taken to new heights. Philadelphia’s food scene hasn’t been the same since this innovative eatery exploded onto the scene. Founders Chef Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook, two James Beard Award-winning restaurateurs, were joined by three other trailblazers to create a dining experience unlike any other. Federal Donuts & Chicken prides itself on providing best in class donuts, fried chicken, and coffee, accompanied by warm hospitality and a genuine commitment to the community. It’s clear why this hometown hero has quickly become a beloved staple of the Philadelphia food scene, giving locals a whole new reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Federal Donuts is preparing to open its storefront in Marlton Square shopping center at 300 NJ-73. Although the official opening date has not been revealed, the Marlton Square website promises that the famous donut company is coming soon. This exciting news will come as a relief to local residents and pastry enthusiasts who have been waiting for Federal Donuts to open in their vicinity. Federal Donuts, famous for its super-soft doughnuts and delicious fried chicken, has built a strong reputation over the years. The company already has several locations in Philadelphia and another in Florida. Their expansion to Marlton Square indicates the brand’s continued growth and its commitment to quality products and excellent customer service. It will undoubtedly become a popular and well-loved addition to the area.

Tom Henneman, Steve Cook, and Michael Solomonov joined hands to set up Federal Donuts in 2011, a business venture that gained immense popularity in Philadelphia. Over the years, the company opened eleven stores across the city and accumulated a large fan-following base. Now, the trio has planned to expand the business beyond Pennsylvania. Marlton Square will be the location of the first shop that the company will open outside the state. The move aims to spread the business’s popularity to a broader customer base and drive further growth and profitability. As a famous establishment, Federal Donuts has built a reputation in Philadelphia for serving quality food and providing excellent customer service. It is expected that the new location will continue to maintain and impart those values to its new customers.

Federal Donuts is a unique eatery that stands out due to its extraordinary menu. The restaurant is unconventional in pairing two different foods, donuts and fried chicken, providing guests with an unusual yet exciting combination. On one hand, customers can savor the freshly made fanciful donuts, whereas on the other hand, they may relish the made-to-order hot fresh donuts. In addition to donuts, Federal Donuts caters to fried chicken lovers as well, serving twice-fried chicken with three different options: accompanied by dipping sauces, seasoned with dry spices, or utterly plain, referred to as “naked.” This distinctive menu is the key to Federal Donuts’ success, leaving customers with an unparalleled taste and culinary experience.

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