Battleship New Jersey

The Battleship New Jersey Museum & Memorial regularly ranks as one of the best museums in NJ, one of the best things to do in Philadelphia, and serves as an entertaining attraction in New Jersey for families. Not only do you see exhibits of artifacts from the largest battleship’s past, but you are put into the exhibit as you go through the tour route.

Amazing Experiences

Sit in the chair from which Admiral Halsey commanded the biggest battleship and the 5th Fleet. Stretch out on the bunks where the sailors slept. Climb into the 16” gun turret and learn how the projectiles were loaded. The New Jersey is one of the most interactive U.S. battleship museums.

Tickets / Plan Your Visit

Self- Guided Tour tickets can be used at any date and time that we are open for tours.

Guided tours Saturdays and Sundays at 12:00 PM

Things to Do

The Battleship offers gun salutes  on select Saturday’s and other select dates between 12:00 P.M. and 2:00 P.M for a $50 donation.

Tour Map

Picturesque Battleship

Battleship by Day

The Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial provides an up-close look at our nation’s military history. Guests of all ages and interests will enjoy their visit to this floating U.S. Navy museum of our nation’s largest battle ships ever built. From World War II to Korea, Vietnam and active duty during the 1980s, this is among the can’t-miss U.S. Navy museum ships open to the public today. A wealth of history along with engaging activities aboard our battleship museum awaits! This is a true crowd-pleaser among attractions in New Jersey for families. If you’re looking for things to do in Camden, NJ or even what to do in New Jersey, the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial is among the best museums in NJ!


Day 1 - Craft Beer on the Battleship


DAY 2 - Boxing on the Battleship


DAY 4- Hot 100 artist Doreen Taylor


DAY 3 - Deck-to-Deck Tour


DAY 5 - Twilight Tour



It’s going to be a beautiful day to drink craft beer on the deck of the Battleship

Adult Tour at Night

Twilight Tour

Experience an “adult-oriented” tour during the evening hours

Turret II

Guided tout

Join a knowledgeable tour guide in a 90-minute, family friendly, walking tour that takes guests through the five stories of one of Battleship New Jersey’s massive 16″ gun turrets. 

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