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Carton Brewing Company

Carton Brewing is Atlantic Highlands's first micro-brewery.


Having decided they had something to contribute to the very exciting conversation going on in craft brewing, cousins Chris and Augie Carton teamed up and started Carton Brewing. In the seashore community where they were born and raised, the Carton boys found a turn-of-the-century red brick warehouse and adapted it to accommodate a state-of-the-art Newlands Systems 15 barrel brew house. 6 E. Washington Avenue was turned into an independent craft brewery and their hats were in the ring. Applying a passion for stimulating flavor to inspiration found all around them, they set about their goal: to make tasty beer in the place their tastes were formed.

Our Taproom has officially reopened! We are back to bar service, so you can head right up! Please check the Facebook  “Availabilty Post” for our most up-to-date packaged offerings, in addition to the variety of merchandise always available. The entrance to the brewery is 6. E. Washington Ave. However, please park in the lot  located at 120 First Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ.



Taproom Hours

    Retail                                             Tap Room

Mon: 1PM-6PM                             Mon: CLOSED

Tues: CLOSED                               Tues: CLOSED

Wed: 1PM-8PM                             Wed: 4PM-8PM

Thurs: 1PM-8PM                           Thurs: 4PM-8PM

Fri: 1PM-9PM                                 Fri:4PM-9PM

Sat: 12PM-9PM                             Sat: 12PM-9PM

Sun: 12PM-5PM                            Sun: 12PM-5PM



Contact Information

Carton Brewing, 6, East Washington Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, Monmouth County, New Jersey, 07716, United States
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