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Farm Truck Brewing

Farm Truck Brewing in Medford, New Jersey is a unique and exciting destination for craft beer enthusiasts and anyone looking for a fun and relaxing time. Situated in a picturesque location, this brewery offers a wide variety of delicious and high-quality craft beers, made with only the freshest ingredients. Whether you're a fan of hoppy IPAs, rich stouts, or refreshing lagers, there's something here for everyone. But beer is just part of the experience – the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of the taproom is the perfect backdrop for spending time with friends and family. Play a board game, read a book, or just enjoy the beautiful scenery of Medford – all while sipping on your favorite craft beer. So come on down to Farm Truck Brewing and see what all the buzz is about!

Farm Truck Brewing in Medford Eying Spring Opening | SJBS

Small Nano brewery focused on a diverse lineup of ever changing beers sourced from the freshest local ingredients. We will be partnering with local merchants where possible along with collaborations with other great breweries.


Farm Truck Lite ~ The perfect late summer beer.  The perfect end of shift beer.  The perfect Lot beer.  The perfect golf cartin around town beer, the perfect… you get the idea.  It’s perfect (to us) ……Pilsner 4.43% 18oz $7 10oz $4 Foam Dingers $3

Chasing Overalls ~ Don’t go chasin’ overalls or do. We are. See ya in Denver. This is our spelt lager utilizing 100% Weyermann malts. Crisp and clean with notes of honey, biscuits & a hint of jasmine……Spelt Lager 5.15% 18oz $8 16oz $7 10oz $4.50

Kolsch on Main ~ Our second toke on a Kolsch! Brewed exclusively with speciality German malts which impart a lovely honey note. Delicately hopped with Saphir & CZ Saaz. Lovely floral honey aroma with notes of zippy citrus zest, breezy fields of Jasmine & freshly baked biscuits smothered in honey ….. Kolsch 6.09%  ~ 16oz $7  10oz Tube $4.50 Foam Dingers $3

Outta My Gourd ~ Farm Truck welcomes Autumn with our ode to warm, fall flavors. This Pumpkin Ale was brewed with cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and nutmeg in the kettle and copious amounts of pumpkin in the tank. HUGE pumpkin vibes in this one…. Pumpkin Ale 7.35% ~ 16oz $8 8oz $4

BLACKOUT! ~ Microphone checka, swingin Schwarzbier in ya sector! Our rap on a German style Schwarzbier brewed with the finest malts & hops.  Mellow notes of roasted coffee on the nose with smooth subtle malty flavors….Schwarzbier 3.91% ~ 16oz $7 8oz $3.50


Doin’ Things Right ~ This little jam comes to you courtesy of an improv day in the brewhouse. American 2 row and Maris Otter give this IPA its bright color and body. We generously double dry hopped this one with Mosaic and Galaxy. Like BMFS says, keep doin things right, it’s like we can’t do wrong! We are definitely gettin fresh cut pineapple, blueberry kush....Hazy IPA 6.54% ~ 16oz $8 8oz $4

Shakedown: Pumpkin Pie ~ Don’t tell me this town ain’t got no gourds, ya just gotta poke around! Our milkshake IPA conditioned on seasonal spices & pumpkin purée! We’re getting fresh pumpkin on the nose with notes of freshly baked pumpkin pie!……Milkshake IPA 6.86% 10oz $7 5oz $3.50

Dank Tanks ~ Back with another toke on the Tanks series! We’re gassed up about this one. This double dry hopped IPA features Citra, Galaxy & Mosaic. Huge citrus aroma with notes of punchy passionfruit, tropical fruit & cannabis……DDH IPA 7.39% ~ 16oz $8 8oz $4

Between These Two Trees ~ A DDH IPA thought up in the great Pine Barrens during the Witchcraft shenanigans! We chose the finest Bru-1, Nectaron & Riwaka for this beautiful beer. We’re getting fresh sour diesel aromas with notes of gooey passion fruit, drippy pineapple & lemon lime Jarritos. Have a safe flight!……..DDH IPA 7.48% ~ 16oz $8 8oz $4

Uncle Roman This DDH IPA is one of the first beers Brooke & Jay brewed together when FTB was just an empty building. Roman Craig would be proud. We packed this one with Columbus, Galaxy, Riwaka & Nectaron. Aromas of summertime in the pines with notes of zesty grapefruit, drippy pineapple, passion fruit & sour diesel sessions…..Hazy IPA 7.57% ~ 16oz $8 8oz $4

SDN ~ A DDH DIPA featuring Citra, Motueka, Nelson Sauvin and Riwaka.  This Super Dank Nug of a DIPA has huge cotton candy grape and sticky pineapple on the nose with notes of orange creamsicle, Rita’s mango gelati and your new favorite DIPA……Hazy DIPA 8.19% ~ 10oz $8 5oz $4

Happy Birthdaaay!  ~ Get those air guitars out because this DDH DIPA will have you flying like a bird to a tropical island! We filled this ice cold phatty with Azacca, Citra, Mandarina, Nelson Sauvin & Sabro! We’re getting a dank sticky ganja aroma with notes of ripe berry, lychee & tropical fruit salad…..Hazy DDH DIPA 8.56% ~ 10oz $8 5oz $4


Love the One You’re Wit By far the most requested style that we hadn’t done so we took a crack at it! This Witbier was brewed with coriander and then conditioned on fresh squeezed OJ. Subtle Belgian funk and orange rind on the nose with creamy citrus & a dry finish…… Witbier 5.55% ~ 16oz $7 8oz $3.50

Oh La Vache ~ Holy Cow this is a good Saison! Brewed on a lovely base of Vienna & spelt. Your mouth is immediately greeted with notes of candied sugar, bright citrus & subtle black pepper! We may or may not have laid some of this to rest in a Cabernet barrel…… Saison 6.96% ~ 16oz $7 8oz $3.50

Fizz ~ Choose your own adventure using our NEW gluten friendly seltzer and 1 of these flavors: Watermelon, Blueberry Lemonade, White Peach Lemonade, Prickly Pear, Blood Orange, Spicy Pineapple ….. Seltzer 4.99 16oz $6

There Gose the Neighborhood ~ Our first Gose style beer we’ve made to date! Brewed with coriander & sea salt that lend a subtle tartness that captures the essence of our ever evolving neighborhood.….Gose 4.07% ~ 16oz $7 8oz $3.50

Dose the Gose ~ Add 1 of these flavors to a 16 oz pour: Watermelon, Blueberry Lemonade, White Peach Lemonade, Prickly Pear, Blood Orange, Spicy Pineapple $8


Proper Porter ~ Conjured up with our good friends over at Jackson Proper initially, we then decided to get the coolest witches we know over at Mystical Blossoms involved! A straight up smooth porter with a slightly roasted nose with chocolate, dried fruit notes & a silky smooth body…….Porter 5.12% ~ 16oz $8 8oz $4

Barrel Aged Transitive Nightfall ~ Aged for over 7 months in Bookers Bourbon Barrel…..Stout 10.37% 10oz $9 5oz $4.50



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Farm Truck Brewing, 47, North Main Street, Medford Township, Burlington County, New Jersey, 08055, United States
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