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Laurita Winery

Located in the heart of a rich and vibrant region, Laurita Winery is a true gem and a symbol of sustainability and local pride. With a strong commitment to the community and a deep respect for its natural resources, this beautiful winery offers a unique and authentic experience that combines tradition, culture, and innovation. From the rich, earthy aroma of the vineyards to the crisp, refreshing taste of the wines, each sip is infused with a sense of place and history. And, as a sustainable alternative to more conventional wineries, Laurita uses innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology to minimize its environmental footprint and preserve the land for future generations. So, whether you're a wine lover, a nature enthusiast, or a curious traveler looking for a new adventure, Laurita Winery is the perfect destination for experiencing the best of what the local area has to offer.

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Our Philosophy: Local, Authentic, Sustainable

Laurita Winery is a sustainable alternative, linked to the local area through tradition, culture and respect for its natural resources. Our estate grown wines are nature’s purest expression of vineyard, varietal and vintage, reflecting old world traditions and the vision of wine’s place at the table as a complement to food. To sip our wines, which make the case for elegance and finesse over size and power, is to savor the freshness of taste of grapes at their source.

Located in the Outer Coastal Plain American Viticultural Area (AVA) in central New Jersey, the winery is committed to creating wines that derive as much character from the fruit as possible. As responsible stewards of the land, we devote ourselves to the intensive care of the vines and grapes when thinning and pruning, hand harvesting and processing. During the wine production stage, we are committed to preserving the fruit as the heart of the wine.

About the Vineyards & the Winery

Production focuses on making wines from grapes that are recognized and accepted worldwide, concentrating on the Vinifera, the classic European noble varieties. From 1998 through 2000, the first 20 acres of Chardonnay, Cabernet and Merlot were planted; in 2002 the second 20 acres of vineyards received the cuttings for the Pinot Gris, Lemberger, Chambourcin, Norton and Zweigelt. The first harvest and bottling was of the Merlot and Chardonnay in 2003.

Laurita, with its structure and interior built mostly from recycled or reclaimed materials, is also an eco destination. The skeleton of the building, which dictated the size of the winery which is 20,000 square feet, was formed through the merging of two 150 year old barns that had been destined for demolition. The winery utilizes solar systems to produce clean energy for heat, hot water, steam, cooling and refrigeration.

The landscaping surrounding the winery emphasizes the value of water retention and conservation as does the method by which the vineyards are irrigated. Johnson and Shea have preserved and enhanced the existing natural environment with the intent of providing habitat for wildlife including birds, mammals and amphibians.

The view from the winery and its gently graduating slopes of terraces, pergolas and wide lawns is one of 40 fully cultivated acres of neatly planted linear rows of vineyards and 200 acres of woodlands, meadows and pasture.

The winery produces 14,000-16,000 cases of wine that are exclusive to the winery and offers wine tasting and vineyard and winery tours. Laurita Winery is a regional destination for the enjoyment of diverse musical and cultural entertainment from country line dancing and outdoor movie nights, to jazz and blues to multi-media art displays. Listen to the music and sip our estate grown wines accompanied with gourmet sandwich platters from our deli and cheeses and meats from our fromagerie.

Inn at Laurita Winery, Spa and the Laurita Equestrian Center

Sharing the property with the winery is the Inn at Laurita Winery, a newly restored and renovated farmhouse. The Inn offers the rustic appeal and setting of the original homestead as well as the elegance of designer appointed guest rooms with the comforts of modern amenities. Full service massage and spa services are available to Inn guests at our on site Spa at the Inn at Laurita Winery. Visitors staying at the Inn are welcome to take riding lessons or go for trail rides at our Laurita Equestrian Center which is also located on the vast domain and is a popular draw for visitors to this wine resort destination. Come discover our wondrous haven once and you will return time and again bringing friends, families and associates to share in memorable moments inspired by the unique and fascinating experience that is Laurita Winery.



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