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Martial Arts Fitness Center

Martial arts school offering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & mixed martial arts classes, plus kids' programs.


MA Fitness Center  is the premier body transformation center in Marlton for busy adults. We know that you have a family, a job and other obligations. You don’t have time to spend two hours on a treadmill everyday in hopes of losing weight. Neither do we! With a unique combination of Martial Arts and the group fitness classes using FitRanX System, we have a specific plan in place that helps generate results quickly and safely, without foregoing all your favorite foods or spending all day in the gym.​

When you train with Martial Arts Fitness Center, you develop a sense of respect for your body and a sense of well-being as you can see your skills taking shape - realizing your full potential.

While we will frequently sign our children up for martial arts, and expect them to form a sense of self-discipline and even a new confidence.... some are surprised to find out that this also happens frequently with adults like you and me!

For men and women, martial arts training provides numerous benefits. The best way to experience this is to click the button below and simply request a trial session and consultation.

Martial arts training involves techniques that are proven in the real world to subdue a would-be attacker or defend someone else nearby that is helpless.

Don't get caught without the necessary "tools" in your box to be that person when the need arises for someone dear to you.


  • Adult BJJ/MMA
  • Fitness programs
  • Youth Programs


Tuesday 3:30–8PM
Wednesday 3:30–8PM
Thursday 3:30–8PM
Friday 3:30–8PM
Saturday 8:30AM–12PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 3:30–8PM



Contact Information

320, Evesboro Medford Road, Colts Run, Stow Acres, Evesham Township, Burlington County, New Jersey, 08053, United States
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