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Ventimiglia Vineyard

Score: 6.9

If you are on the hunt for an exquisite and world-renowned winery in Sussex County, New Jersey, then look no further than Ventimiglia Vineyard. You will be pleased to know that they produce an exceptional range of wines that have garnered fans from every corner of the globe. It comes as no surprise that Ventimiglia Vineyard is held in high regard by wine enthusiasts and casual sippers alike, owing to their rich history and impeccable wine production process. The charming family-owned business symbolizes the perfect blend of traditional and modern-day winemaking techniques. Despite launching its first vines in 2002 and opening to the public in 2008, Ventimiglia Vineyard has reached remarkable heights of success, spanning over 5 acres and producing 1,000 wine cases annually. Their winery name itself is noteworthy, as it pays tribute to the family's enduring dedication and love for their craft. In short, head over to Ventimiglia Vineyard for an unmatched wine experience and savor the excellence for yourself.

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White Wines

$15.00 | Aromas of citrus, almonds, a bit floral and a whiff of oak. Very soft yet crisp mouth feel.

$16.00 | Dry White wine, fruity but with refreshing finish - LOVE the flavor and finish of the natural, dry Cayuga.

$17.00 | Bright opening with lots of fruit, but still dry. This wine, although dry, is a wine many sweet wine drinkers like because of the fruit flavors.

$18.00 | A bit of apricot & spice from the traminette grape. Made from 100% Sussex County grapes!

$18.00 | A blend of grapes including Cayuga, LaCrescent, Frontenac Gris. The sweetest of our wines here, but considered a semi-sweet wine overall. Sweet but complex wine with a wonderful finish.

Red Wines

$17.00 | Blend of Marquette, Landau, Chambourcin, Marechal Foch, Concord, Frontenac grapes. A good table wine in general, definitely for the dry wine lover.

$21.00 | A simple, earthy wine with black fruitiness bouquet. Well balanced. This is a good everyday wine. It can go with any food, or stand on its own.

$27.00 | Smooth and easy, but complex taste that lingers in your mouth. Leaves a warming finish. Nose is aromatic, carrying fruits and a touch of spice.

$35.00 | A blast of fruit in front with a mellow, quick finish. Woody/oak overtones, perhaps even a bit of almond on the nose.

$35.00 | Old Vine Zin, Petite Syrah, Carignane grapes. A smooth, full bodied red. Bold, dark, acidic nose with a bit of fruit to almost give it a sweetness. The finish is almost vanilla or leathery.

Visit us


Ventimiglia Vineyard is located on our 50 acre “Rocky Ridge Farm,” at 101 Layton Rd, Wantage, NJ. For directions, follow the link in the map below. We are in the beautiful rolling hills of rustic Sussex County, New Jersey.


Currently we are open Saturday 11am – 5 PM, Sundays 11 am to 4pm.

We are delighted to welcome guests into our comfortable tasting room once again. Outside tastings are also popular from late spring through early autumn. Pack a picnic lunch or appetizers and enjoy the picnic tables, weather permitting. Hiking trails are a favorite attraction here, and an enjoyable way to relax before “hitting the road” again.

No “Open Tasting Hours” during the week, but welcome to call and arrange for a visit and wine purchase.

Order and prepay:

By phone: (973) 875-4333. Please don’t leave a message. Just try again later because our winemaker is probably busy outside.

By email: Email Anthony at ajventi@gmail.com

Delivery or shipping (in- state or Florida) varies by location and quantity. See our online listing of wines. Soon to offer online sales with Fed Ex Shipping.


Contact Information

101, Layton Road, Wantage, Sussex County, New Jersey, 07461, United States
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