The Best Things To Do When Exploring Cape May Solo


It’s not for everyone, but I love solo travel. Going on a vacation by yourself opens up a lot of opportunities – you don’t have to plan around anyone else’s preferences. Make the day as intense or relaxing as you want, eat where you want to eat, and just enjoy the destination at your pace. Now that the summer is over, many of New Jersey’s beach towns are a lot quieter than they usually are – which makes it the perfect time for exploring Cape May solo. This iconic New Jersey shore town is a beautiful destination teeming with hotels, restaurants, shopping, and historic attractions. It’s also walkable and easy to cover, which makes it an ideal choice if you’re on your own. So come with us and see why Good Housekeeping just named Cape May one of America’s best small towns for solo travelers!

Does exploring Cape May solo seem like something you’d want to do? Let us know your favorite spots in this charming beach town in the comments section. You can visit the official Cape May town website for more information on the town, and the Tisha’s Fine Dining website for the full menu. Here at Only In Your State, we’ve covered the town extensively, so make sure to check out our past coverage of Cape May Lighthouse, the World War II lookout tower, and Cape May Whale Watcher for what you can expect.

Finally, if you’re looking to come back with a larger group, Cape May might just have the single most spectacular VRBO in all of New Jersey – the majestic Empress of Cape May. 

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