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Michael Jai White has earned renown for his exceptional action films and martial arts expertise. His most notable role is his portrayal of the comic book anti-hero ‘Spawn’ in the 1997 live-action adaptation of the critically acclaimed comic book. His martial arts abilities extend beyond the screen, as he began training at the age of 7 and holds black belts in various traditional martial arts. As such, he often gives his takes on the happenings of the combat sports world. One such take is now raising eyebrows as it involves big names like Tyson Fury, Francis Ngannou, and the Paul brothers.

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Recently, he expressed his views on the upcoming Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou fight. Reportedly, Ngannou will make somewhere around $10M for this bout. White has faced criticism from fans and figures in the combat sports community for his comments in previous interviews. Once again, he has offered an intriguing perspective on the impending clash of titans!

Michael Jai White credits the Paul brothers for Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury


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White discussed the upcoming bout in an interview with the VladTV YouTube Channel. He acknowledged that this move to boxing is beneficial for Ngannou, given his departure from the UFC. However, when asked if boxing was running out of heavyweight talent, White credited the Paul brothers for changing the game. Jake Paul and Logan Paul are both social media stars who transitioned into combat sports. And were among the first to fight against MMA fighters in boxing matches.

He commented, “No, man, I think you got the Paul brothers to thank for this. I was applauding what they were doing from day one. What people want to see, you know, cutting through the red tape. It is what it is, man. It’s spectacle, and somebody can hate on it, but you’re gonna tune in.”

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White also criticized heavyweight boxers for their lack of focus on technique, suggesting that they often engage in toe-to-toe brawls, which may not excite fans. This isn’t the first time he’s made comments about heavyweight boxers, as he previously expressed interest in an exhibition match against Mike Tyson.

Michael Jai White wanted to fight Mike Tyson

In a 2021 interview with VladTV, White enthusiastically agreed to step into the ring with Tyson and even claimed he would win. He stated, “To box Mike Tyson, I would love that. Are you kidding me? Why would I not do something like that.”

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He expressed confidence in winning the match against Tyson. And mentioned his willingness to face Tyson for free, even if he lost. Despite his confidence, White noted that he doesn’t share his sparring footage with professional boxers or MMA fighters because he does it for personal satisfaction, not for others’ entertainment. However, the combat sports community has often challenged White’s claims. In fact, Mike Tyson in an interview with VladTV once called out the Michael Jai White starring movie, ‘Tyson’ for not being very good or factual. In fact in Tyson’s own words, “The film was garbage. “


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As the entire combat sports world gears up to witness the greatest spectacle in fighting in this era, fans and analysts alike have made their claims on who would be the winner. As White stated, the Paul brothers popularized this idea of crossover fights and now we have the chance to witness two of the best heavyweights in their respective sports go against each other in a massive showdown.


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Who do you think takes this matchup? Do you think Tyson Fury can survive being hit by Francis Ngannou? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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